Retailers Currently Accept Cryptocurrency Payments, know them

Fredrick Awino

When the first cryptocurrency, bitcoin entered the market, only a few could understand what problems it was intended to solve. Even those who had an idea what cryptography and digital currencies are, still remained apprehensive. Genuinely, people could not figure out the place of bitcoin in a global economy that has widely accepted fiat currency in both investments and transactions. A few years down the line, cryptocurrencies have increased in both number and acceptance. 

WARNING: Investing in crypto, or other markets, can be of a high risk for your savings. Do not invest money you cannot afford to lose, because there is a risk for losing all of your money when investing in crypto, stocks, CFDs or other investments options. For example 77% of retail CFD accounts lose money.

It is safe to say that even the doubting Thomas who had casted doubts on the possibilities of cryptocurrencies can now consider owning some. This is a true reflection of how change happens and today, more companies are expanding the recognition and acceptance of cryptocurrencies. The situation where people would wonder where exactly their coins will be accepted is fast changing. As markets go online and buying on web shops becomes an everyday thing, cryptocurrency is quickly curving its space in the currency world. 

Cryptocurrencies in brief

Cryptocurrencies have arguably continued to grow both in number and public acceptance. Although various criticisms have ensued in the heat of meltdowns of cryptos, they seem resilient. Even the IMF and World Bank have come out to resoundingly cast aspersions on the possibilities of leading cryptos but they remain bullish as evidenced by El Salvador’s acceptance of bitcoin as a legal tender. 

Remember, cryptocurrencies draw their lucrativeness for investors from the ability to provide margins in response to volatility in the market. Therefore, when the use of cryptocurrencies grows, demand-supply dynamics are exposed to increased fluctuations which then open ways for investors to creep in and make a kill. 

For many years, many businesses and the public have anxiously craved for easier and reliable strategies to make online payments. In turn, we have seen a number of major retailers across the world adopting the use of cryptocurrencies as either the primary or the secondary mode of payments.

Specifically, the adoption of Bitcoin as one of the digital currencies for such payment has surged. Bitcoin is currently a household name in the world, and it’s getting even bigger. Retailers across the world are jumping the bandwagon and have started accepting it as a payment mode.

Retailers that Accepts Payments with Cryptocurrencies

Here, we have compiled a not so exhaustive but good enough  list of retailers that currently accept cryptocurrencies. So next time you decide to visit any of them or want to make a remote online payment, do not hesitate to pay with Bitcoins if you have them. They are quick, safe and secure compared to other traditional fiat currencies. Some of the companies include 

Check out the list below: 

Use your cryptocurrency to buy from Whole Foods 

If you’re in the United States, then it goes without saying that you know about Whole Foods. Ideally, this American Multinational supermarket sells food products free from the hydrogenated fats, flavours and preservatives. 

The supermarket adopted the crypto payments in 2019 as a provision by Gemini to adopt digital currencies. So next time you want to make an online payment for your favourite products from the Whole Foods, use your Bitcoin wallet to make payments. You will notice that its extremely easier and safer compared to other fiat currencies.  

Remember, that Amazon owns Whole Food. However, as at now, Amazon does not accept any payments made using Bitcoin. Amazon customers might have to wait for the next few years to enjoy the same. 

You could pay your next cup of coffee at Starbucks through crypto

If you are a coffee lover, you obviously know what this company is known for. Ideally, it is one of the most successful companies globally known for coffee business and customer experience. 

If you have been to a Starbucks, you must know what it means to drink coffee outside your home. This retailer joined the Bitcoin revolution in 2020 and officially announced that it was beginning to accept digital currencies. 

Although you cannot still pay for your Frappuccino with Bitcoin at the register, the retailer allows you to add Bitcoin to the Starbucks app and pay in that way. In that way, customers can use a third-party digital wallet known as Bakkt that converts bitcoin to dollars for payments.  

Newegg now accepts cryptocurrency  

Newegg is an online electronic giant that accepts digital currencies directly. In fact, the company has fully adopted this mode of payment and thus have continued to make their services reliable. 

While some of the retailers will require you to use third parties to convert bitcoin into dollars, Newegg just allows you to pay outright without any restrictions. Is that good awesome? I sure guess it is.  

If you are a shopper who wants to buy an electronic, say a computer, all you have to do is to select, “Pay with Bitcoin” and proceed through the process of shipping. This provision is also available for those who want to buy other electronic products such as the phone. 

The retailer also sells cryptocurrencies. Moreover, this means that if you’re looking into getting started into a crypto invested, you can try it out with them. 

Overstock will surely accept your cryptos as a payment option

Overstock is a household name among Americans. It has become one of the successful retailers in the world and it is known to sell furniture, home décor, home improvements, and kitchen items among others. 

In 2014, Overstock announced the move to accept digital currencies for its online payments. You will therefore have the opportunity to pay for a wide range of products in bitcoin. Once your payment in dollars or any other currency is sent updated in the system, the system will convert into bitcoin to complete the transactions. 

So next time you want to purchase anything online from Overstock, you can as well use your bitcoin wallet to pay. It is safe, faster and reliable. 

You can now use your crypto at Etsy

Etsy itself lacks a platform that directly accepts bitcoin as a form of payment. But, the independent sellers who visit the platform can choose to accept digital currencies as a form of payment. Therefore, if you decide to choose the option of paying with crypto, you will click a button that will send a message with your payment preference. 

You will then respond with a Bitcoin address to bring the transaction to completion. 

Rakuten shopping site accepts cryptocurrency payments

Rakuten is a Japanese shopping site that started allowing consumers to use bitcoin as payment in 2015. During that time, the Bitcoin revolution had dominated the world. As such, the company made it possible for users to use Bitcoins through adding the Bitnet payment-processing platform into its marketplaces.

Currently, its customers can fully enjoy the Rakuten wallet. This wallet offers its users spot trading and supports other crypto coins such as the Bitcoins cash and Ethereum. Interestingly, It is now possible for you to convert your Rakuten Cash with digital currencies. 

Lush too now accepts cryptocurrency

Lush is among the first British companies to fully adopt the use of cryptocurrency as a form of payment. In 2017, the company responded to the ever-knocking needs from the consumers’ need for alternative payment. As such, cryptocurrency provided a way to make quick, safest and reliable payment means. In response, it was possible to incorporate bitcoin payment into its systems because of a partnership with  

If you are a lover of beauty products and cosmetics, please take the opportunity to pay with bitcoin. The system itself will direct you on what processes to follow. Subsequently, your money will automatically be converted to an equivalent dollar amount that needs to be paid. 


Author Fredrick Awino