These Countries have highest amount of bitcoin

Fredrick Awino

Cryptocurrency continues to grow in leaps and bounds despite instances of negative publicity caused by scamming, excessive meltdown, non approval by international monetary agencies such as IMF and World Bank. As expected, for any new technology to thrive and gain significant grounds, such challenges are inevitable.

WARNING: Investing in crypto, or other markets, can be of a high risk for your savings. Do not invest money you cannot afford to lose, because there is a risk for losing all of your money when investing in crypto, stocks, CFDs or other investments options. For example 77% of retail CFD accounts lose money.

Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Dogecoin and other major altcoins have been so resilient. These currencies have successfully made surprise forays  into countries that even magic wands would not have predicted. Who could have thought that El Salvador, a small country in Central America would be the first to make Bitcoin a legal tender? As if that was not enough, do you know that just recently, bitcoin gained recognition as a currency in the Central African Republic?

No doubts, virtual currencies will continue to surprise us. They have surely presented a stark contrast from the past where every disruptive technology would first gain significant grounds in countries such as the USA. UK, Europe before diffusing outwards. 

So many things about cryptocurrency keep leaving us a little moved. If it is not about the mysterious creator of bitcoin then its the surprise rebound of bitcoin after a worrisome shed off and many more. Today, there is yet another surprise to add onto this growing list; the ownership of cryptocurrency by country will surely  leave us just guessing what else cryptocurrency can become. 

Here is where cryptocurrencies are in their millions

Who has the most cryptocurrency coins remains a subject of much conjecture. Some people think that the majority of them are owned by huge exchanges, funds, or mining companies who take advantage of their power to sway the market in their favour. 

Since 2009, Bitcoin’s meteoric climb has produced a surprising and diverse group of millionaires. They have amassed wealth by developing goods to expand the still-developing ecosystem of Bitcoin. For many years, cryptocurrency experts have believed that there are unique-country specific factors that have helped support the Bitcoin investments in some countries. Thus, they have a considerably higher number of Bitcoin holders than the others.

In this article, I have made a list of countries that have the most bitcoin holders. The United States tops our list.  

Amount of Cryptocurrency in the United States

The United States is the country with the largest Bitcoin holdings, which is not surprising. For many years now, the U.S. has been the world’s economic powerhouse. Ideally, the majority of cryptocurrency ventures and operations are based here. There are several platforms, trading systems, cryptocurrency mining and blockchain-focused enterprises. As a result, many market and economic analysts would assume it is typical for this nation to have the most Bitcoin holders than any nation.

Surprisingly, it appears that Americans are not as interested in cryptocurrency investment as one might think. Nevertheless, even with the greatest population compared to the others, its 8% of Bitcoin owners still make up a sizable portion of the global cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Cryptocurrency volume in Venezuela

There is no way Venezuela could miss in this list. The data from the BitInfoCharts indicates that Vietnam possesses 5,781,778 BTC or 0.895% of the entire amount of Bitcoin within the ecosystem. Although the country has experienced a huge economic crisis in recent times, Bitcoin has found its way into the nation’s big markets and investment platforms. Cryptocurrency, which has shown to be a dependable investment in times of uncertainty, has been a major source of investment. People who are paranoid about investing all their hard eared money in one place have always looked to crypto as a diversification option. 

Nigeria leads Africa in cryptocurrency ownings

Nigeria is undeniably Africa’s crypto hub. With more than $3 billion worth of bitcoin, this country has become the leading African nation when it comes to Bitcoin’s stratosphere. In fact, the majority of Bitcoin users and miners have extensive knowledge of cryptocurrency. They have adopted it in their daily transactions as a result. 

A number of factors might have contributed to such tremendous growth in Nigeria. Ideally, the Nigerians have a culture of daring to try out new things which is actually the fuel that keeps it ahead of the other African countries. They quickly embraced the blockchain technology, explored its possibilities and got down on it head-on.

Poverty, which affects 87 million of Nigeria’s 200 million citizens, is one of the greatest factors that has encouraged people to look for alternative investments such as Bitcoin. Another explanation for such development is that mobile payments and money transfers are considerably more common among Nigerians. Because you are likely to experience double-digit inflation in Nigeria, virtual currencies like Bitcoins, which have a limited supply of coins have acted as a hedge against inflation.

China is the Asian giant holder of cryptocurrency

If you thought that Chinese are not good crypto investors, you are obviously wrong. In recent times, China has received global attention for its repeated crackdowns on cryptocurrency operations. Whatever end this crackdown is intended to achieve, it doesn’t take away the fact that the country has a history of dominating digital commerce.

One of the largest daily quantities of Bitcoin is traded on the major Chinese exchanges. According to numerous reports, Chinese residents have shifted closer to power plants in order to benefit from the cheap electricity those facilities offer and utilize it to mine bitcoins. However, given its recent regulatory steps regarding cryptocurrencies, it is possible that fewer people will hoard in the future.

Cryptocurrency in Romania

Cryptocurrency investment is not a new thing in Romania. Interestingly, Romania is perhaps best recognized for being home to a sizable number of foreign companies and corporations. These firms span the entire space from IT sector, independent software development and programming. Geographically, Romania has a well-developed tech industry and that provides a suitable consumer base for people who want to invest in cryptocurrency.


Switzerland is primarily recognized for its state-of-the-art banks and financial institutions. In fact, the county has recently made it obvious that it wants to become a centre for cryptocurrencies as well as blockchain technology. Many financial institutions, big and small retailers have already started accepting cryptocurrency payments. This trend inspires confidence in the doubting Thomases who will likely soften their stand and accept them.

With the appetite and skills for tech, it is undeniable that Switzerland hosts a huge number of crypto exchanges. The country is also home to many crypto businesses. At the end of the day, such businesses not only address the needs of the population but also inadvertently contribute to the proliferation of cryptocurrencies.  

A Final Take Away

To this end, a few things are important to note. First, its a general impression that the future trends for cryptocurrencies like bitcoin continue to be positive in most countries. Second, the next few years present an opportunity to be awed by its overtures in new economies. Our hunch is that cryptocurrency more nations will begin to stand out from the crowd. We can expect more countries to declare themselves as hubs for encouraging crypto innovation.

Author Fredrick Awino